We get you!


As a business, we understand that you are looking for real talent, people that are eager, equipped, exceptional and a great culture fit. People who will drive your business growth.  We go to great depths to ‘get’ you and give you
what you need.


As a potential candidate, we dig deep to ‘get’ you  -  your potential, your values, your dreams and aspirations. 

We want to find you your ‘kraal’.

“If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” - Red Addair

What can we do for you?

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Look beyond the surface to understand your needs and take them seriously

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 Innovative sourcing of exceptional, skilled talent (African, Coloured and Indian)

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 The homework!
We do the screening and present you with only 5 exceptional 

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Help you grow your business through coaching for 

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Prioritise your needs in terms of both speed and flexibility to save you time and money

Samkelo Blom, founder of Nomatu Consulting, shares our approach to Headhunting.

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 Megan Petty, Talent Acquisition Manager

Nomatu was selected to be a part of our preferred supplier list. 
They were were selected out of a large list of applicants due to the specialised focus and Level 1 BEE score. We have had great engagements thus far and the consultants are always willing 
to engage.

Nomatu Consulting form part of our Preferred Supplier List of recruitment agencies. We have used them in our search for quality Black (African, Indian and Coloured) talent, which is their area of specialisation. They present us with quality candidates and were successful in placing a senior black female executive in our business.

Heidi Kornmuller, Head of Talent